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Download PocketMoney for OS X for old PowerPCs

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Getting Started Tutorial Part 1
Getting Started Tutorial Part 2
PocketMoney Sync Instructional video
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If you download the app it will give you a 30 day trial to test things out


PocketMoney Desktop for Mac PocketMoney Desktop for Mac

PocketMoney users have asked for PocketMoney for Desktops, and now it is here for OS X, Windows, and Linux.

PocketMoney for Desktops (PMD) allow you to seamlessly sync all your PocketMoney data from the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch/Android to the desktop. We will be bringing the other features of PocketMoney for iOS to the desktop version in the coming months.

Current features:
  • Keep multiple iOS or Android devices in sync with each other*
  • Unlimited number of accounts
  • Print Category/Payee/Class reports
  • Multiple currencies
  • Splits
  • Attach photos to transactions
  • Import/Export QIF, TDF, CSV, OFX file formats.
  • Import Quicken Essentials CSV file format.
  • Posting of repeating transactions
  • Budgets (rollovers and monthly budgets supported)

Still to come:

  • Selected other missing features

PocketMoney for Desktops is $14.95 and can be Purchased from eSellerate.

Try it before you buy it:

  • Try out PocketMoney for Desktops for 30 days before you are required to purchase it. Same as full version - no restrictions.

*PocketMoney Sync requires both computers to be on the same local network which means WiFi is required. Syncing can be done over the cellular network, but it will be much slower and requires techincal knowledge to setup port forwarding on your router to the desktop computer running PocketMoney for Desktops.