PocketMoney® 1.1.3 for iPhonepiggy bank

FYI, this is the old iPhone 1.x OS jailbreak version of PocketMoney. The current version of PocketMoney for iPhone 2.0 is available on the AppStore and is version 1.0. (Due to an issue of not being able to renumber the version in AppStore after I created the placeholder for PocketMoney, it got stuck at 1.0 for the AppStore version.)

Also, I will no longer be working on the jailbreak version of PocketMoney. All development will be focuses on the AppStore version for iPhone 2.0.

PocketMoney has been an award winning and popular personal financial manager for the Newton OS since 1994 and for the Palm OS since 1999.

PocketMoney was designed to do one thing and do it very well - track your finances quickly with the smallest amount of work. PocketMoney will help you keep your checking, savings, credit card and petty cash accounts in line.

On the Newton and Palm OS, PocketMoney interfaces with a variety of programs to give you seamless integration of your financial data with their specialized features. Some programs PocketMoney works with are tip calculators, vehicle logs, budget managers, and customized data entry applications. After we get version 1.0 released then we'll start working on this interoperability and be bringing classics like CheckPlease and MPG to the iPhone.

PocketMoney keeps the amount of data entry to a minimum and at the same time gives you a great amount of flexibility. Unlimited accounts, categories, subcategories let you track data your way.

PocketMoney is localized for English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese languages. Here's how to help with other languages.


IMPORTANT INFO ABOUT Feedback: If you find a bug or have an problem with PocketMoney, then create an account in the bug tracker to report bugs. You can discuss PocketMoney for iPhone in the Catamount user forums.

Migration from PocketMoney for Palm OS to iPhone

If you are a Palm user of PocketMoney, then it is very easy to migrate your data from your Palm to iPhone.
  1. Create a folder on your iPhone called PocketMoney in your ~/Library/ folder.
  2. Copy your PocketMoney Palm database files (PM-*.pdb) files from your backups folder on Windows or Macintosh (/palm/username/backups/PM-*.pdb) into the folder you created in step #1 ~/Library/PocketMoney/. You will have to ftp, scp, or use figure out some other way to copy the files to your iPhone.

System Requirements

A 'Jailbroken' iPhone or iTouch.

Download PocketMoney

You can manually download and install PocketMoney with this link, but I strongly suggest you use Installer to install it and update it. Installer should have been installed on your iPhone/iTouch when you jailbroke you phone.


$29.95 - Purchase PocketMoney online with a credit card for fastest service, and I will email you the registration code. Or, choose an alternative form of payment (payment options).

Existing customers save $5. Current PocketMoney customers of Palm, PPC, or Newton cross platform upgrade for $24.95. (upgrade now with a credit card).

Unique uses of PocketMoney

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