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Here is a very brief about Hardy...I need to get back to work...

Hardy Macia for State Representative Campaign

If you are looking for details on my NH state representative campaign for Merrimack-6. Please see


Hi, my full name is Harland Arthur Macia III, but everyone calls me Hardy. "Macia" is of French origin. The 'h' was dropped from "Machia" in my grandfather's birth certificate. My grandfather added the 'h' back into his name sometime after my father was born, so my father and my brothers are "Macia". Machia is pronounced "May-sha" or "May-she" unless you are in Maine where they pronounce it "Ma-chi-a".

Below is a picture of my ancestors on my mother's side of the family. My great grandfather is the boy holding the cow.

Woodruff Homestead. Underhill, VT. Circa 1906.
Woodruff Homestead. Underhill, Vermont circa 1906.

I'm an 8th generation Vermonter and my great (*6) grand father was one of the first selectmen of Underhill, VT. I lived outside of Vermont most of my childhood because my dad moved around with the Navy. Most of my family (grand parents, great grand parents, 4 aunts on my mom's side of the family and 2 out of 4 aunts on my dad's side of the family) lived in Vermont I have always considered Vermont home. I have fraternal twin brothers and a sister. I went to elementary school in Westmont, NJ, high school in Essex Jct, VT, and college at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA.

I lived in Grand Isle, Vermont for over 10 years, in the old Grand Isle Train Depot. Vermont is a state located to the west of New Hampshire, east of New York, south of Canada and north of Mass. You would be surprised at how many people think Vermont is city in NY or NH. Grand Isle is located in the north west part of the state and is one of several large islands on Lake Champlain. Here is my first house. I had a New Foundland named Porter.

I relocated to Canterbury, New Hampshire a few years ago. As a native Vermonter leaving VT was difficult, but I couldn't afford to live there any more. Vermont has the 3rd highest taxes in the nation. NH has some of the lowest taxes in the nation, plus a really cool state motto "Live Free or Die". Moving to NH was great. Canterbury is the home to one of the best Shaker Museum in the country. Canterbury does have an issue with paving their roads though, you can tell when you reach the Canterbury Town Line because the bumps on Shaker Road all disappear when you reach Northfield or Loudon.

I married Heidi Bruce on June 26, 2010. She has two boys Austyn and Matthew.

I am also active politics. I was active in The Vermont Libertarian Party in the late 90s/early 2000. I'm involved in the Free State Project. I'm currently on the board of The Advocates for Self-Government (a non-partisan organization with a mission to help liberty activists become better communicators and promote "The Quiz" to break the left-right stereotype of politics).

In 2012 I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma which is one of the more curable cancers and currently undergoing treatment for it.


I worked for the Naval Ship Systems Engineering Station (NAVSSES) for several years during college and immediately afterwards. I started programming the Newton in October of 1993. I moved back to Vermont in 1994 and started Catamount Software. In the summer of 1995, I started working for Green Mountain Software Corporation, another Newton programming company in Colchester, Vermont, which specializes in Newton, Windows CE, and Palm Pilot programming for large custom applications for businesses. I juggled my work between the two companies for almost 3 years. I decided to leave GMSW in the spring of 1998 to pursue Catamount Software full time again and to enjoy a little more free time. In 1999 I had to make the switch over to Palm OS programming because Newton software wasn't paying the bills any longer. So, I've been writing shareware, commercial applications, and custom contract programming on the Palm OS since January of 1999. The iPhone is all the rage now and the Palm OS development is no longer paying the bills. The iPhone/iTouch/iPad is now the main platform that I'm developing for, I'm glad to be back to an Apple product because I haven't really enjoyed programming this much for a device since the Newton. This summer (of 2010) Catamount SW starting working on applications for the Android OS.

In January of 2010 I became part owner in The Block Gallery & Coffeehouse - a mixed use art gallery and coffeehouse that has become the community meeting place for Winooski, VT. We serve fair trade organic Vermont Artisan coffee. Have live music. Story time for children every Thursday morning. And is a just a nice place to hang out.

Catamount Software


1998: I formed and was elected chair of the Town of Grand Isle Libertarian Party.

1998: I was elected Secretary of the Vermont Libertarian PartyVote Hardy For Grand Isle Senate 1998.

1998: I ran for Vermont State Senate for Grand Isle District.

1999: I was elected to the Grand Isle Selectboard.

1999: I was appointed the "Weigher of Coal" which is an obsolete position that still must be filled.

2000: I was appointed chairman of the Grand Isle Selectboard.

2000: I was on the ballot for Governor of Vermont.

2001: I founded and was president of the Vermont Chapter of NORML which helped to pass Vermont's Medical Marijuana Law.

2001: I was elected to the board of Vermonters for Educational Choice.

2002: I ran for Vermont State Represenative for Grand Isle.

2002: I was elected as a Justice of the Peace.

2004: I ran an aggressive campaign for Governor of Vermont. I received about 1% of the vote.

2006 : I served on the Libertarian National Committee as the Region 7 representative for one term. Region 7 is NJ, NY, NH, CT, MA, NH, VT.

2010: I'm currently on the board of The Advocates (a non-partisan organization with a mission to help liberty activists become better communicators, best known for The Worlds Smallest Political Quiz)


In the summer of 2000, I drove drove across the country. Here are my daily trip reports.

In the Feb-Mar 2001, I went to New Zealand and Australia. Here are my daily trip reports.

In the Jun-Jul 2003, I drove across the country again. Here are my daily trip reports.



  • Tax forms.
  • Cigarette smoke - don't worry I won't try to regulate you just because I don't like your habits.
  • Hanging out in big cities for more than a week at a time.
  • Slow drivers that drive in the left lane of highways.
  • Taxes.

Hardy Hardy At the request of some customers, I've added a couple photos. They were taken in 1998 & 2008.

(last modified : March 3, 2012)