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Catamount Software officially started in September of 1994.

Catamount Software is essentially a one person operation, but I have some help. The one person being me, Hardy Macia, and I have been writing programs for the Newton since its introduction in October 1993 and for the Palm OS since January 1999.

The software Catamount Software has produced has received good reviews. MacWeek rated MPG as one of the top 10 Newton shareware programs. MacWorld has reviewed PocketMoney. MacUser gave honorable mentions to PocketMoney and MPG in the best of Newton shareware category. PocketMoney has also received very good reviews in Pen Computing Magazine.

Catamount Software markets products mainly thru the internet and online services. So, we rely on our customers to spread our products to friends and coworkers that do not have internet connections. PocketMoney for Palm OS and PocketPC is being sold in stores.

A few of the people currently helping me are:

  • Handmark, Inc is handling the retail and online distribution of the English versions of PocketMoney, MPG, and CheckPlease. Look for PocketMoney in Staples, BestBuy, OfficeMax, or where ever Palm OS software is sold.
  • Tom Jaros at Empower Mobility LLC wrote the PocketPC version of PocketMoney
  • Enfour, Inc handles Japanese sales and support of PocketMoney and AutoLock.
  • Rodrigo Castro Sage - Rodrigo handles the Spanish support and maintains the Spanish PocketMoney website.
  • There are several customers who have helped translate programs to their native languages.

Catamount Software also does custom/contract work. If your company has a project for iPhone, Palm OS, PocketPC, or Newton OS contact me for estimates and availability.

What is a "CATAMOUNT"? A catamount is another name for a mountain lion. Catamounts are extinct in Vermont, but occasional sightings of these large cats are still reported.

The logo at the top of the page is one of the earlier banners I had used on the Catamount Software website.

(last modified : January 17, 2008)