Prohibition 2: The Dope Wars (Press Release)

Catamount Software
Hardy Macia

Prohibition 2: The Dope Wars – rejected by AppStore

CANTERBURY NH (Jan. 9, 2009)… Catamount Software announces Prohibition 2: The Dope Wars, for the iPhone has been rejected by Apple.

Prohibition 2: The Dope Wars is a remake of the cult classic game DrugWars for DOS and the Ti calculators. The basis of the game is you play a drug dealer in New York City trying to make as much money as you can in 30 days in the the currently illegal drug market.

Catamount Software developer, Hardy Macia stated, “I personally find applications like iFart much more repulsive, yet Apple has approve it. DopeWars is about current political events. We had alcohol prohibition in the 1920s, and we have drug prohibition today. It is no more objectionable than many of the songs and movies Apple is selling on iTunes.”

A quick sampling of songs and movies available on iTunes store:

  • Purple Pills by D12 and Eminem sings about doing all of the drugs in DopeWars and more. (lyrics)
  • The Godfather – a movie about all sorts of illegal activity.
  • Cocaine Cowboys – “In the early ’80s, a new business emerged in Miami, FL, that changed the face of the city forever. That business was cocaine smuggling…”

Macia stated, “Apple has in place the ratings system for their applications, movies, and songs. If they approved DopeWars it would be a top 10 game within a week, which from my point of view doesn’t make it an objectionable game, but a highly sought after game.”

Catamount Software has been creating software for handheld platforms since 1993. Their other applications for the iPhone include CheckPlease, PocketMoney, and MPG.

Screen shots:

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