PocketMoney for Desktop 1.0.2(51)

Version 1.0.2 is now available.

• Improved UI refreshing on Windows.
• Scrolling with up/down arrow keys through transaction register much faster.
• All Transactions got a new icon.
• Check#/ID# displayed in gray instead of red.
• Account picker added to Transaction Editor.
• Column sizes of register remembered.
• PM Sync Status window closed after 30 seconds and doesn’t block subsequent syncs from happening.

• Bug fixed: “error saving data to “categorypayee” table” when syncing from iphone to PMD.
• Bug fixed: OutOfBoundsException clicking on repeating transactions.
• Bug fixed: Cleared checkbox in details view not in sync with ledger on left.
• Bug fixed: Entering amounts of less than 3 digits displayed with preceding zeros.
• Bug fixed: Switching PMD from foreground to background and back changed state of PMD.
• Bug fixed: Currency issue with commas as decimal and euros fixed.
• Bug fixed: Delete button on Account Info screen not working.
• Bug fixed: LastProcessedDate for repeating transactions not sync’d so repeating transactions would take long time to launch PM on iOS devices.

Downloads of 1.0.2 are available here: http://www.catamount.com/desktopApps.php

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