PocketMoney 4.1 approved by Apple

Version 4.1 of PocketMoney for iOS was submitted to Apple today.

New features:
• Print your transaction register and report details to Air Print compatible printers.
Print Transaction register from the Print option in the Report Menu.
Print Report Details from the Action button on the Reports Screen.
• Email HTML formatted transaction register including your photo receipts. (Under Tools > File Transfers > Email)
• Support for BitCoin.
• Account list displays the xrate * amount in home current for each foreign account.
• For splits if transaction register if filtered on category or class then the transaction amount will only show the subtotal for the matched split items.
• Non-numeric PINs on iPhone/iPods are converted to numpad @ > 2, f > 3. typically this will happen if user backups data to icloud from ipad and restores to iphone.

Bug fixes:
• iCloud – backup from one device and restoring to another device
• Exchange worksheet data entry fixed on iOS 6
• Calendar picker Now button updates the time
• Fixed Report View Options picker for Lite and non-IAP Charts and iPhone 5 users
• Return to last screen you were on after relaunch (iOS 6 related bug)
• Spotlight search wasn’t cutting off the first letter of the search for some languages (Russian and others)
• New Loading/Export animation and is displayed when importing files from Safari and other sources.
• Fixed memory usage during CSV export which caused crash
• Fitlered filter balance on right side when two balances are shown is showing correct amount.
• Account icon picker fixed on iPad
• The ON/OFF switch has be reverted back to Apple’s standard switch instead of my custom switch since Apple now allows their switch to be tinted.
• iPad will always allow rotating so if you backup and restore you prefs from your iPhone to iPad with the don’t allow rotation preference set it won’t affect iPad.
• Fixed date/time segment controller on datepicker screen

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