PocketMoney 4.1.5 for iOS – Approved

If you are having crashing issues with 4.1.4 of PocketMoney it’s due to PocketMoney not handling a weekly repeating transaction correctly. I’ve fixed it in 4.1.5 which has been approved and should be available on AppStore shortly. (See additional details below.)

You might also have noticed that PocketMoney isn’t on the AppStore right now. That is because I pulled it after several users reported PocketMoney crashing on startup. I didn’t want other users to upgrade and run into this issue so I tried to limit the pain.

Also, do not delete the app and reinstall – this won’t fix the bug.

Bug fixes 4.1.5:
• Startup crash fixed for weekly repeating transactions.

Cleaning up your data:
Version 4.1.4 might have posted hundreds or thousands of repeating transactions. Here’s the simplest way to clean up your data:
1. Go into your transaction register with all the repeating transactions posted in it.
2. Tap Filter button
3. Tap (>) on the Current Filter line
4. Set the date to the date all of the repeating transactions were posted (probably March 26,27,or28)
5. You might also set the Payee to the repeating transaction payee
6. Tap Back
7. Tap on the Current Filter to activate your newly setup filter.
8. NOw the transaction register should only be showing transactions that you want to delete.
9. Go to Tools > Rollup
10. Tap Rollup to delete all of those transactions and it will replace them with a single transaction that you can then manually delete.

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