PocketMoney 3.1.5 for iOS

I submitted 3.1.5 of PocketMoney for iOS today to Apple. Apple should approve it next week sometime.

Here are the additions and fixes.


  • Reconciling screen located in Tools menu.
  • Future balance by offset day (so you can say balance 7 days or 30 days from now)
  • Colon button for subcategory entry. (Type “F”, tap […: ] button and it will expand to “Food:” with Dining suggested.)
  • Icon on account screen will open account info. There is a pref in display options > account to disable it if you want old behavior.
  • month-by-month chart for a single category shows current budget line as horizontal bar if there is a budget set for that category and you are viewing the report on just that category. (requires Chart Add On)
  • OFX export. (partial support, it requires editing by user to import to Quicken, and there still are some issues that need to be worked out on it — so don’t expect it to work, but it might work well enough if you put in some effort to make it work — talk to me about your trials and tribulations with it.)
  • PocketMoney Sync – displays the UDID and asks the user if they want to Restore or Sync to this new device. This is a security measure to pair up the UDID of the client and server.
  • Keep the change feature should work for transfer to transactions as well as withdrawals.
  • QFX/OFX importing to match categories to payees.

Bug fixes:

  • PocketMoney Sync – memory issues should be fixed for users with more than 5 photo receipts and for users with 10s of thousands of transactions.
  • Search bar scope buttons themed.
  • Adjusted notes field spacing to text lines up with graphic lines.
  • Exchange rates not updated when resumed
  • Foreign currency issues in splits fixed.
  • Date picker on iPad doesn’t close after picking date like iphone.
  • Crash when deleting of second half of transfer item. Also deletes split in parent transaction instead of zeroing out.
  • Reporting Options (eye button) incorrectly displayed in Landscape.
  • Repeating transactions time was getting set to 12:00AM – now keeps time that you entered it at.
  • Accounts view non-zero behaviour incorrect – it was using future balance and not current balance.
  • Reports next/prev period switch to All Dates and it shouldn’t (payee, class, account, month/month reports).
  • OFX import issues from UK bank accounts.
  • Cash Flow Report was not including transfers.
  • Renaming a list item everywhere crashed app.
  • Line chart was not available in iPad for reports.
  • Database maintenance deleted marked transactions too early which could cause some transactions to not be synced to server correctly.
  • Using hardware keyboard showed white at bottom of edit transaction screen.
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