PocketMoney 1.2 for Android

PocketMoney 1.2 for Android and PocketMoney Lite 1.2 for Android are now on Google Marketplace

Changes include-

-Themes (Black, Blue, Green, Gray, Purple, Coffee)
-Calculator Keypad for currency amount input fields
-Keep The Change
-‘+’ button on the Transaction Register titlebar to allow faster transaction creation
-‘Filtered Balance’ on the balancebar when a filter is active

-Fixed an issue causing the password screen to only show once

-Subcategories correctly drilldown with group subcategoies preference
-Reworked how reports work to reduce memory, allowing for much bigger db’s to be processed
-Added a progress bar to report generation

Transaction Register:
-Rollups are no longer be allowed on empty registers
-Adjust Balance can no longer be used if the account in the filter doesn’t exist or there is non selected

Edit Transaction:
-Fixed A crash relating to foriegn time

Account Register:
-Increased the size of the Edit Transaction shortcut button to make it easier to click
-Create images for the Edit Transaction shortcut button to allow users to know when it is focused/clicked

Account Info:
-Fixed a case where the limit was unintentionally being reset to zero
-Accounts can no longer have no name, prevents a potential db wipe
-Accounts now default to the homecurrency

Multiple Currencies:
-Accounts now show the home currency when Multiple Currencies is not enabled
-Fixed an issue where the xrate would be inverted on updating
-Fixed an issue causing phones that dont support all the listed currencies to crash while selecting a currency

-Changed how QIF exports to increase speed
-Fixed an issue with QIF and splits

-Moved save and cancel buttons to the titlebar
-Changed how some progressbars were calculated to give a more accurate representation
-Added wakelocks to prevent phone from shutting off while doing processing intensive things
-Classes can now be delted off the Lookups List
-Fixed an issue relating to splits subtotal calculations

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