PocketMoney 1.2 for Android – calculator, themes, keep the change

Version 1.2 of PocketMoney for Android has added several very popular features that are in the iOS version of PocketMoney.

Themes – pick Black, Blue, Green, Gray, Purple, Coffee color themes.

Calculator Keypad for currency amount input fields – Large numbers make it easier to enter amounts. Also, at times you’ll find your self wanting to do some math to figure out how much the transaction is going to me. The integrated number keyboard/calculator let’s you do it inline with support for the basic mathematical operators of addition, subtraction, multiplications, and division.

Keep The Change – does your bank let you automatically round and transfer the difference to another account for you to help you with your savings? PocketMoney lets you choose any amount to round to a whole dollar or even partial dollars like any multiple of 10 cents or 25 cents.

PocketMoney for Android

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