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July 11th, 2008

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PocketMoney is the #1 Finance app in several countries, and hit #2 overall in Taiwan. We’d like PocketMoney in the top 10 overall in all countries to help more users take control of their finanaces so we reduced the orginal price of PocketMoney from $9.99 to $4.99.

Simple, elegant, and powerful replacement for your checkbook – PocketMoney tracks your finances quickly and accurately.

PocketMoney has been an leader and innovator in the mobile computing industry. Starting with the Apple Newton OS over 14 years ago, on through the Palm OS and Pocket PC.

PocketMoney brings all that experience to the iPhone, and builds on the elegance and power of the iPhone platform to give our users the best user experience ever.

  • Track an unlimited number of accounts (checking, credit cards, savings, assets, liabilities)
  • Repeating transactions (PocketMoney can auto enter your salary every other Friday).
  • Budgets
  • Email new transactions to your spouse to keep each other updated at all times
  • Split transactions.
  • Supports Withdrawal, Deposit, and Transfer transactions.
  • Generate expense reports & pie charts.
  • Auto-complete transaction based on Payee.
  • Turn on multiple currency support if you are frequent traveler.
  • Post transactions from MPG, CheckPlease and other iReceipt compatible apps.
  • Enter a PIN to protect your data.
  • Built in backup and restore over local Wi-Fi network. (Requires SyncDocs)
  • Import and export QIF & TDF files over local Wi-Fi network. (Requires SyncDocs)
  • And much more…

LITE vs PAID: The free version is limited to 2 accounts and 2 repeating transaction, it doesn’t allow editing of splits, and view options can’t be changed in the transaction register or the edit transaction screens.

LANGUAGES: English, Chinese, Danish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish.

What users are saying

Reason I upgraded to 2.0 ★★★★★ by xFREDx
I am a PocketMoney customer for over 6 months now and can’t tell you how GREAT of an App this is. Definitely worth the 10.00 fee, I originally payed 30.00 for it and payed again for this useful application. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who cares about their finances.
the best ★★★★★ by fyz10n
Hands down, this is the best personal finance application you can buy. It is very much well worth the $10 price tag. Well done.
Great expense tracker ★★★★★ by Gonad the barbarian
This app is worth every penny. I tried all sorts of other finance apps (iXpenseit, spend, simplecash, etc) and found that this one is the most intuitive, most robust expense tracker out there. It is a surprisingly mature app, as the developer has refactored it multiple times as different handheld platforms came and went. I heartily recommend the full version even if it is slightly more expensive than other full version financial apps. None of the others measure up to this standard.
4.5 stars – works great. I’ve tried them all ★★★★★ by JohnJ80
Pocketmoney works very well. Especially nice if you use MPG (car expenses) and CheckPlease (free, tip calculator) since they move their data to PocketMoney for the transaction – one entry is nice. The sync works very well. You transfer your transactions very quickly to the desktop and them import them. I used to use PocketQuicken on a Palm Treo — this is a s good or better. I used PocketMoney on the Newton more than a decade ago – and it’s still great.

PocketMoney 4.1.5 for iOS – Approved

March 28th, 2013

If you are having crashing issues with 4.1.4 of PocketMoney it’s due to PocketMoney not handling a weekly repeating transaction correctly. I’ve fixed it in 4.1.5 which has been approved and should be available on AppStore shortly. (See additional details below.)

You might also have noticed that PocketMoney isn’t on the AppStore right now. That is because I pulled it after several users reported PocketMoney crashing on startup. I didn’t want other users to upgrade and run into this issue so I tried to limit the pain.

Also, do not delete the app and reinstall – this won’t fix the bug.

Bug fixes 4.1.5:
• Startup crash fixed for weekly repeating transactions.

Cleaning up your data:
Version 4.1.4 might have posted hundreds or thousands of repeating transactions. Here’s the simplest way to clean up your data:
1. Go into your transaction register with all the repeating transactions posted in it.
2. Tap Filter button
3. Tap (>) on the Current Filter line
4. Set the date to the date all of the repeating transactions were posted (probably March 26,27,or28)
5. You might also set the Payee to the repeating transaction payee
6. Tap Back
7. Tap on the Current Filter to activate your newly setup filter.
8. NOw the transaction register should only be showing transactions that you want to delete.
9. Go to Tools > Rollup
10. Tap Rollup to delete all of those transactions and it will replace them with a single transaction that you can then manually delete.

PocketMoney 4.1 approved by Apple

December 5th, 2012

Version 4.1 of PocketMoney for iOS was submitted to Apple today.

New features:
• Print your transaction register and report details to Air Print compatible printers.
Print Transaction register from the Print option in the Report Menu.
Print Report Details from the Action button on the Reports Screen.
• Email HTML formatted transaction register including your photo receipts. (Under Tools > File Transfers > Email)
• Support for BitCoin.
• Account list displays the xrate * amount in home current for each foreign account.
• For splits if transaction register if filtered on category or class then the transaction amount will only show the subtotal for the matched split items.
• Non-numeric PINs on iPhone/iPods are converted to numpad @ > 2, f > 3. typically this will happen if user backups data to icloud from ipad and restores to iphone.

Bug fixes:
• iCloud – backup from one device and restoring to another device
• Exchange worksheet data entry fixed on iOS 6
• Calendar picker Now button updates the time
• Fixed Report View Options picker for Lite and non-IAP Charts and iPhone 5 users
• Return to last screen you were on after relaunch (iOS 6 related bug)
• Spotlight search wasn’t cutting off the first letter of the search for some languages (Russian and others)
• New Loading/Export animation and is displayed when importing files from Safari and other sources.
• Fixed memory usage during CSV export which caused crash
• Fitlered filter balance on right side when two balances are shown is showing correct amount.
• Account icon picker fixed on iPad
• The ON/OFF switch has be reverted back to Apple’s standard switch instead of my custom switch since Apple now allows their switch to be tinted.
• iPad will always allow rotating so if you backup and restore you prefs from your iPhone to iPad with the don’t allow rotation preference set it won’t affect iPad.
• Fixed date/time segment controller on datepicker screen

Discuss in forums.

PocketMoney turns 18-years-old – Save 75% One Day Only – Our Birthday Present to You

June 15th, 2012

Catamount Software
Canterbury, NH

PocketMoney turns 18-years-old

June 16, 2012: 18 years ago the personal financial software application PocketMoney was released for the Apple Newton MessagePad making it one of the oldest mobile applications still in existence today. Big names like Intuit’s PocketQuicken and Microsoft’s Money for PocketPC have come and gone. PocketMoney is getting older and wiser.

PocketMoney has matured and expanded over the years. It has been release on several mobile platforms Newton OS, Palm OS, Windows CE, iOS (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad), and Android OS, and due to customer demand is also available on OS X, Windows, and Linux.

The Android, iOS, and Desktop versions of PocketMoney can all sync together so families can keep their finances and budgets up to date across all their devices.

“I’d like to thank all my existing customers, testers, translators because PocketMoney wouldn’t be where it is today without all of you,” stated Hardy Macia, developer of PocketMoney.

Special Birthday Offer
To celebrate PocketMoney turning 18 we are having a very special birthday offer for one day only on Saturday, June 16, 2012:

PocketMoney 2.0 for Android (Normally $4.99, birthday special $0.99)
PocketMoney 4.0 for iOS (Normally $4.99, birthday special $0.99)
PocketMoney 2.0.4 for Desktops (Normally $19.99, birthday special $4.99)

Discounts will appear on the AppStore and Google Play on Saturday. For PocketMoney Desktop purchases use coupon code CPN59507622779 which will give you a 75% discount good only on June 16, 2012.

Catamount Software has been developing software for mobile devices for 19 years. Other apps include CheckPlease, MPG, and World’s Smallest Political Quiz.

“6 Excellent iPhone Apps Worth Paying For”

March 4th, 2012

PocketMoney makes the list of “6 Excellent iPhone Apps Worth Paying For” on MashableTech.

Replacing Quicken

August 1st, 2011

With the release of OS X Lion many Quicken for Macintosh users are looking for a new personal finance app solution.

Many users are turning to PocketMoney. Why should you pick PocketMoney?

Catamount Software has been selling, supporting, and improving PocketMoney since 1994 with it’s initial release of PocketMoney for the Apple Newton. Since then we’ve released it for the Palm OS, Windows CE, iPhone, and Android OSes. PocketMoney is arguable the most popular finance app on mobile devices, and now it is available for OS X, Windows, and Linux.

Sync your data to all your devices. With households a mixture of iOS, Android, and desktop OSes you need a personal finance app that works and can sync your data between all the platforms.

“My wife uses a Droid, I use an iPhone4 and iPad2, and we use OS X Lion. PocketMoney Sync keeps all of us in sync with our finances.”

PocketMoney is designed for both novices and power users. A new user can get up and running in minutes, and a power user will continue to find new ways and features to improve their life such as “Keep the Change”, drill down category reports, custom savable filters/searches, multiple currency support.

PocketMoney iOS
PocketMoney Android
PocketMoney OS X, Windows, Linux

PocketMoney 3.1.5 for iOS

May 13th, 2011

I submitted 3.1.5 of PocketMoney for iOS today to Apple. Apple should approve it next week sometime.

Here are the additions and fixes.


  • Reconciling screen located in Tools menu.
  • Future balance by offset day (so you can say balance 7 days or 30 days from now)
  • Colon button for subcategory entry. (Type “F”, tap […: ] button and it will expand to “Food:” with Dining suggested.)
  • Icon on account screen will open account info. There is a pref in display options > account to disable it if you want old behavior.
  • month-by-month chart for a single category shows current budget line as horizontal bar if there is a budget set for that category and you are viewing the report on just that category. (requires Chart Add On)
  • OFX export. (partial support, it requires editing by user to import to Quicken, and there still are some issues that need to be worked out on it — so don’t expect it to work, but it might work well enough if you put in some effort to make it work — talk to me about your trials and tribulations with it.)
  • PocketMoney Sync – displays the UDID and asks the user if they want to Restore or Sync to this new device. This is a security measure to pair up the UDID of the client and server.
  • Keep the change feature should work for transfer to transactions as well as withdrawals.
  • QFX/OFX importing to match categories to payees.

Bug fixes:

  • PocketMoney Sync – memory issues should be fixed for users with more than 5 photo receipts and for users with 10s of thousands of transactions.
  • Search bar scope buttons themed.
  • Adjusted notes field spacing to text lines up with graphic lines.
  • Exchange rates not updated when resumed
  • Foreign currency issues in splits fixed.
  • Date picker on iPad doesn’t close after picking date like iphone.
  • Crash when deleting of second half of transfer item. Also deletes split in parent transaction instead of zeroing out.
  • Reporting Options (eye button) incorrectly displayed in Landscape.
  • Repeating transactions time was getting set to 12:00AM – now keeps time that you entered it at.
  • Accounts view non-zero behaviour incorrect – it was using future balance and not current balance.
  • Reports next/prev period switch to All Dates and it shouldn’t (payee, class, account, month/month reports).
  • OFX import issues from UK bank accounts.
  • Cash Flow Report was not including transfers.
  • Renaming a list item everywhere crashed app.
  • Line chart was not available in iPad for reports.
  • Database maintenance deleted marked transactions too early which could cause some transactions to not be synced to server correctly.
  • Using hardware keyboard showed white at bottom of edit transaction screen.
  • Best Money app for iPhone

    April 6th, 2011

    This blog writer lists PocketMoney as the best money app/best financial app for your iPhone.

    Top 10 iPhone Money Management Softwares

    Buy PocketMoney from the AppStore now.

    downloading, importing, working with OFX/QFX in PocketMoney

    April 4th, 2011

    Video tutorial on downloading, importing, working with OFX/QFX files from your bank with PocketMoney on the iPhone/iPad/iPod.

    PocketMoney is makes Sunday Times’ top 500 app list

    February 14th, 2011

    PocketMoney is makes The Sunday Times top 500 apps list across all devices.

    PocketMoney for iPhone on Sale to welcome Verizon customers

    February 9th, 2011

    In celebration of iPhone finally becoming available to Verizon customers, PocketMoney for iPhone has been put on sale for $0.99 (an 80% savings) for the iPhone launch day on Verizon. Welcome Verizon customers to the iPhone!

    Buy PocketMoney

    With the savings you can also buy one of the most popular tip calculators on the iPhone
    Buy CheckPlease

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