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Catamount – January 2016 Update

Wednesday, January 6th, 2016

This will be the first post in a series of monthly update posts on the status of app updates, bug fixes an added features.

Support emails are now being answered within 24 hours. The majority are answered within hours, if not minutes (or immediately in some cases). Thanks to everyone in the forums who contribute as well; this really helps out. I direct users to the forums on a regular basis, and I have see registration numbers go up.

Completed Items
CheckPlease! for Android and iOS was updated last month. The Android version did not see many changes, other than a new ad server for the Lite version, and some changes to make it compatible with newer versions of Android. CheckPlease! for Android now requires OS version 4.2 Jellybean or greater.

CheckPlease! for iOS saw a graphical overhaul. While some users did not appreciate the user interface change, the functionality stayed the same. The old version of CheckPlease! made heavy use of images for backgrounds, buttons, text, etc. This works great when dealing with one screen size, but does not scale well to different display sizes and resolutions. A flatter and modern approach was taken, and I will continue to evolve and tweak it.

PocketMoney Lite – Android was update to use a new ad server, and the required Android version was increased to 4.2. Thanks so Art and Sean for their help in testing, and for the list of things that need to be fixed and enhanced.

In The Works
PocketMoney (Lite and full) for Android will be updated either this week or next week.

PocketMoney for iOS is also being worked on. This update will not see a change to the user interface. So basically the screens will still appear to be stretched. This update will bring a fix to the dreaded crash when switching accounts, and also (just as dreaded) the repeating transaction overdue popup. The update will also now require iOS 8 or greater. As of this post, 71% of the users are on iOS 9, and 21% on iOS 8.

The plan is to submit this update to Apple on or by the 31st of this month.

Upcoming Plans
PocketMoney – iOS will be updated to use auto layout/size classes. This will make the app scale and look so much better on larger screens. The reports/categories report will be fixed as well. February is mostly dedicated to PocketMoney – iOS, so expect to see a new feature or two (taken from forum suggestions) in the February update.

I will try and get the website updated sometime this month, mainly just cleanup. There are a lot of broken links, and the apps that are not currently available need to be removed.

There are no plans to update PocketMoney – Desktop in the next few months, but it is penciled in for this Summer.

Thanks to everyone for their support and encouragement!

CheckPlease! Updated

Wednesday, November 11th, 2015

CheckPlease and CheckPlease Lite were submitted for review today to the Apple App Store. The biggest change is an overhaul in the UI (User Interface). A few minor bug fixes were addressed as well. The Lite version now utilizes the iAd network for serving ads.

The apps should be approved and available in a few days.

The New Catamount

Monday, September 28th, 2015

Hi Everyone.

My name is Nick, the new owner of Catamount Software. I’m excited to take on the challenge of bringing this great software back to the top of the charts. I’ve had many inquires about updates, bug fixes and enhancements, and wanted to take this opportunity to address then here.

The current focus is on updating PockeyMoney, CheckPlease and MPG. Also, I’ve been going through the support emails and catching up on some recent or urgent requests.

CheckPlease and MPG are being rewritten in a cross platform tool to allow simpler updating and consistency across versions. These two apps are scheduled to be released by the end of October. No new features will be added at this time, with the exception of some user interface changes to bring a modern look to the apps.

PockeyMoney (iOS/Android) is still in the process of code review. Once I am comfortable I have the proper and latest versions of the code, a few on the major lingering bugs will be fixed, and updates will be released. After that, the app will be rewritten in the same cross platform tool as CheckPlease and MPG. A cloud version of PocketMoney will also be available for those who wish to use that type of solution for synching across multiple devices.

PocketMoney Desktop – No changes planned for PMD right now. PMD will be addressed in the Spring of 2016.

Website Changes – This website will go through some changes, mainly cleanup. Apps that are no longer available will be removed, and some of the old blog posts will be archived. The Facebook page will be updated and maintained as well.

Forums – The forum will go through some cleanup too.

I’ve received some great feedback and encouragement through the forums and support emails; thanks to everyone for that! Stay tuned to the website and forums for news and other updates.


Update May 13th

Tuesday, May 14th, 2013

After returning from the Orlando Realbasic Developer Conference, Hardy’s fight against cancer took a turn for the worse. This afternoon, May 13th 2013, Hardy left us peacefully surrounded by family and friends.

One of his fervent wishes was to make sure Catamount Software lived on to support all of his users. Catamount Software will continue under the guidance and ownership of Eric Ojala, his long time employee and cousin.

In the coming weeks, Checkplease 5.0 will be released and PocketMoney Cloud is under development. Catamount will continue to serve you with new and bright ideas. Please stay tuned.

-Eric Ojala

Resetting SCM fixed blue tooth keyboard and trackpad issue.

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

My wireless keyboard and mouse stopped working. I tried to re-pair the two, and it is coming up with an message saying “The pairing attempt was unsuccessful. This configuration of Mac OS X and Bluetooth software could be invalid or unsupported”.

I called Apple. They asked if I had the current software updates which I did. Their solution was to return the devices to the Apple Store an hour+ away from where I live.

Here’s the solution that worked for me, posted by Alon in the Apple forums:

Reset the SMC.

Apple’s AppStore review process better, but still takes too long — harms customers

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

PocketMoney users recently experienced one of the negative side effects of Apple’s long AppStore review process… which recently happened after users upgraded to iOS 4.0 and installed version 3.0.6 of PocketMoney that among other things fixed some issues related to iOS 4.0, but a very serious bug was also introduced in 3.0.6.

This bug that caused transactions to switch accounts is my fault, and version 3.0.6 should have never have been released with this bug, but it was released and now I need to learn from my mistakes.

The mistakes that are in my control can be fixed to a certain extent with the proper testing, and I plan on adding notifications to my applications so I have a way to directly communicate with customers when serious issues happen.

What I don’t have control of is the AppStore review process, and it is something that after 16 years in the software industry I still trying to adapt to. Typically if a serious bug arose in any of my apps on other platforms I’d release a fix immediately and very few users would ever be affected. But, the AppStore’s “review lag” takes a serious bug is turns it into a disaster for not just a few customers, but for multitudes of customers.

Requesting Apple to expedite the process helps, but still isn’t fast enough. It must be immediate. I’m willing to pay $10k or something to Apple to be able to instantly approve updates. Yes, make us send new apps through the review process to make sure they conform with all of Apple’s guidelines, but put updates post-approval process so we can get urgent updates out immediately.

My Wedding is this Saturday

Thursday, June 24th, 2010
3.0.7 of PocketMoney is submitted. I’m logging off the computer. Packing my car. Hoping I don’t forget anything and driving to VT to get ready for my wedding on Saturday.
To do list:
Pick up tuxes
Pick up Will from airport
Have drinks with the guys
Rehearsal dinner
Watch USA in World Cup.
Bring Will back to airport.
(In there includes doing any running around that Heidi asks of me, and still checking work email and forums.)

The wedding gets lost in that whole list of stuff. 🙁 (there now bold, italic, underlined, and colored)

No camera for iPod Touch, but for Nano — lame

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

I can’t believe they added a video camera to the iPod Nano, but not to the iPod Touch. The Touch is the Palm/PDA replacement. It should have a camera. Sell a version of the Touch without a camera if they want to hit their magic $199 price point, but let others buy Touches who don’t have iPhones because they don’t want to switch to AT&T or for whatever reason. There are many uses for games and productivity applications to use a camera. I hope they add a camera soon.

I had a PocketMoney for Palm customer ask me what device he should get. He was looking at Windows Mobile devices to replace his Palm. He couldn’t get an iPhone because it wouldn’t work on his network. When I suggested getting an iPod Touch he was astounded to hear such a suggestion. It had never crossed his mind. A month later, I heard back from him and he had bought a Touch and he was loving it.

Apple also needs to market the iPod Touch more as a replacement for a netbook. They took a shot at Dell today in their press conference, but they need to let consumers know that they can go from a Palm/Windows Mobile to a Touch for all of their personal digital assistant needs.

Yes, there are rumors of a 10″ device coming, but a 10″ device is too big for many users, while the Touch is still a great size.

Website revamp

Friday, January 30th, 2009

A great big thanks to Will at I.M.A.G.E. for the website redesign.

As their website says “If you can think it, we can create it”, Will carried through on this statement. While the general design I left up to Will, there were somethings that I wanted a certain way, and Will worked on it until we got it perfect.

There’s still things to port over to the new format that I’m still working on it, and somethings won’t be converted — since there aren’t many of you who still need Newton software.

Blog/News coverage of CandyWars

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

Apple wants more overweight kids, fewer drug addicts in the App Store –
PocketGamer UK covers CandyWars
iPhone Games Network
Recommended by iPhone Application List

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