Apple’s AppStore review process better, but still takes too long — harms customers

PocketMoney users recently experienced one of the negative side effects of Apple’s long AppStore review process… which recently happened after users upgraded to iOS 4.0 and installed version 3.0.6 of PocketMoney that among other things fixed some issues related to iOS 4.0, but a very serious bug was also introduced in 3.0.6.

This bug that caused transactions to switch accounts is my fault, and version 3.0.6 should have never have been released with this bug, but it was released and now I need to learn from my mistakes.

The mistakes that are in my control can be fixed to a certain extent with the proper testing, and I plan on adding notifications to my applications so I have a way to directly communicate with customers when serious issues happen.

What I don’t have control of is the AppStore review process, and it is something that after 16 years in the software industry I still trying to adapt to. Typically if a serious bug arose in any of my apps on other platforms I’d release a fix immediately and very few users would ever be affected. But, the AppStore’s “review lag” takes a serious bug is turns it into a disaster for not just a few customers, but for multitudes of customers.

Requesting Apple to expedite the process helps, but still isn’t fast enough. It must be immediate. I’m willing to pay $10k or something to Apple to be able to instantly approve updates. Yes, make us send new apps through the review process to make sure they conform with all of Apple’s guidelines, but put updates post-approval process so we can get urgent updates out immediately.

Let us know what you think!

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