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PocketMoney® 3.5.2 for Palm OSpiggy bank

PocketMoney has been an award winning and popular personal financial manager for the Newton OS since 1994 and for the Palm OS since 1999. transaction list screen

PocketMoney was designed to do one thing and do it very well - track your finances quickly with the smallest amount of work. PocketMoney will help you keep your checking, savings, credit card and petty cash accounts in line.

On the Palm OS, PocketMoney interfaces with a variety of programs to give you seamless integration of your financial data with their specialized features. Some programs PocketMoney works with are tip calculators, vehicle logs, budget managers, and customized data entry applications. (PocketMoney savvy apps.)

PocketMoney keeps the amount of data entry to a minimum and at the same time gives you a great amount of flexibility. Unlimited accounts, categories, subcategories let you track data your way. Powerful filtering capabilities let you report your data your way. PocketMoney lets you upload and download data with your desktop programs such as Quicken, MS Money, spreadsheets and databases on the Macintosh, Windows, or Linux desktops.

PocketMoney is available in English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, and someday other languages.

Some users have requested a popup calculator in PocketMoney for quick math. After some searching, I located a freeware program called snapCalc that should meet your needs. Personally, I have PocketMoney assign to a hard button and tap the builtin calculator, cut the answer from the calculator and reopen PocketMoney to paste in the results. PocketMoney remembers what you were doing last and returns you to that spot.

Version 3.x of PocketMoney updates the database formats; we strongly recommend making a backup copy of your PM-*.pdb files located in your /username/backups/ folder before installing version 3.x.

System Requirements

PocketMoney runs on Palm OS 2.0 and newer. Some features are only available on newer versions of the Palm OS.

Windows 95 or greater is required for the PocketMoney Conduit for Windows.

Macintosh OS 8.0 or greater is required for the PocketMoney Conduit for Macintosh.

PricingEdit transaction screen

$30.00 - Purchase PocketMoney online with a credit card for fastest service, and I will email you the registration code. Or, choose an alternative form of payment (payment options).

$15 - Upgrade to 3.x of PocketMoney from 1.x or 2.x (upgrade now with a credit card).

Download PocketMoney

Directions: Pick the language, pick the platform. ** The Windows and Macintosh format download files include the desktop conduits that are needed if you want to exchange data with spreadsheets, Quicken, MS Money, or other desktop applications. The native format is only the .prc file that installs on the Palm.

If you download the PocketMoney.prc, then you must also download and install the PocketMoneyLib.prc.

*(You might need the latest version of Stuffit Expander to uncompress the .sit files)

**(Version 3.0 is not backward compatible with previous versions of PocketMoney.)

Electronic manual v3.0

PocketMoney Features

  • account list screenPocketMoney offers powerful reporting features. Custom reports can be created based on transaction type, account, category, payee, id#, date, and cleared status.
  • Macintosh and Windows Conduits that support QIF (Quicken, MS Money, MacMoney) and TDF (spreadsheets and databases) files.
  • Standing/Recurring Transactions - makes easy work out of your regularly according bills or income such as rent, salary, or your daily cup of coffee.
  • Synchronize your PocketMoney data with your significant other via the IR port or BlueTooth. Select Sync from the PocketMoney menu, point your Palms at each other, and all new transactions will be beamed to the other Palm.
  • Running Balances - allows you to see what your balance is as the current date. This is useful if you pre-enter some of your bills each month.
  • Five-way navigation support.
  • Takes advantage of Handera 330's, Tungsten T3's, and Sony Clie's large screen, extra fonts, collapsible Grafitti area, and rotating screen. Handera screen
  • Quick data entry (category and payee auto-completion),
  • Warnings if you overdraw your checking account or go over your credit card limit,
  • Full color support - if an account is overdrawn or exceeding your credit limit then the balance is displayed in red on color Palms and color banding in registers.
  • Support for multiple currencies (great for travelers). Set exchange rates and transfer funds between different accounts of different rates,
  • Unlimited number of accounts,
  • Unlimited number of categories (including sub and sub-sub categories),
  • Unlimited number of payees based upon the current category (ie:only payees related to Food popup),
  • 255 splits per transaction.
  • Tranfers and classes in splits.
  • Fees can be set on a per account basis. The fees are then accessed from the ID# popup (Include Fee) so you can quickly add that ATM charge when you are withdrawing money from a non-local bank.
  • Absolute, Cleared, Running and Available balances are tracked.Report screen
  • The Register screen allows you to customize the data you are viewing.
  • Splits allow you to assign up to 255 categories or transfers in one transaction.
  • Financial Posting Interface (FPI) implemented. CheckPlease, MPG, QuiKBudget supports FPI on the Palm OS.
  • Password screen prevents casual snoopers from accessing your important data.
  • English, French, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, Portuguse, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese and German language versions.

Desktop Support

PocketMoney is designed to be a standalone finance program as well as work with desktop programs such as Quicken, MS Money, MacMoney, spreadsheets and databases. PocketMoney includes conduits for Macintosh and Windows to upload and download QIF (Quicken Interchange Format) and TDF (Tab Delimited Format) data with PocketMoney.

Linux users using GNUCash will find Gareth Watt's pm2qif Perl script useful.

MS Money Users and pre-Quicken 7 for Windows users: Choose the "QIF-Old" for the File Format and PocketMoney will upload transactions in seperate .qif files based on their account.

PocketMoney Savvy Apps

The following apps support either PM-FPS (PocketMoney Financial Posting Standard) or FPI (Financial Posting Interface) to reduce duplicate data entry.

  • BankBudget - adds budgeting to PocketMoney
  • CheckPlease - tip calculator
  • Interstate Guide - travel companion. All of the exits in the USA and many of the businesses and services near the exits.
  • MPG - track everything about your vehicles
  • PocketMoney Helper - post transaction to two accounts at same time
  • QuikBudget - adds budgeting to PocketMoney.
  • TapCash - set up common transactions for one tap entry into PocketMoney

Unique uses of PocketMoney

What customers are saying about PocketMoney...

"PocketMoney, an excellent personal finance program" - By Marc Saltzman, Gannett News Service, USA Today, 4/25/2001

From Handango: Rating: 5 out of 5: One line summary: "Speechlesss!"

"Description: It is an excellent financial program. User friendly and especially facility for setting recurring bills which none of the other program has (Splash money, Bankbook Bahsoft, Ultrasoft Money) It is a pain to enter recurring transaction every month especially if you have a lot of bills to pay. You can see it for yourself by trying these program. Worth the money buying it. Deserve beyond five stars." - Doug Wynn

"Great shareware with an unusually (in palm os world) good French translation" - Philippe TENDRON

Smart Choice Award

"Thank you Hardy! Your program is great - I've been double-recording in it and in my paper checkbook and finding that I reach for PocketMoney first. Love it." - Alexandra Sterlin

"Today is the first day in full Euro here in France, and it was very easy to run my new accounts in Euro on Pocket Money. Good job!" - Luc Savage

"Thank you so much for your software! I'd been digging myself deeper and deeper into credit-card debt; now, thanks to you, I'm paying it off. For the first time in my life, I know exactly how much I have in what account. Thank you for giving me such an easy and convenient way to control my money. I don't know where I'd be without it - debtor's prison, most probably." - Larisa M.

"I've been dreaming of this package for a long time. It's why I purchased my m505!" -Aaron & Paula Greenlee

"Just wanted to let you know that your program is hands-down the _best_ piece of palm software I have ever seen, as well as being the _best_ money management tool I have ever used. I went out looking for a program such as yours, and of course, I would have liked it to have been free. However, after giving your product a test-run, the low registration fee made it clear that I was getting the bargain here. Thanks for creating such a great, simple and intuitive piece of software!" - Mangraa

"I have been using PocketMoney on my Palm V and Vx now for more than two years. Every time I think that it is as good as it gets, it just gets better. I rank this the single most important application I have and could not survive without it. I travel three to four weeks per month and do not always have access to my laptop applications such as Quicken. PocketMoney allowed me to dump Quicken altogether and track more than 50 bank, loan, investment, and credit card accounts on the Palm. Great work! Easily a 10 star application!!!!" - Craig Yarbrough

"We're leaving Quicken on desktop and PalmOS behind for Pocket Money on 2 Visors alone!" - Rusty & Lisa Smith

"Let me say that this is the coolest money tracking system ever. I'm very pleased with it. I actually look forward to entering everything I spend and earn and seeing how it all fits in the larger view of my finances." - Jill Johnson

"Thanks again for programming a great app that *doesn't* require one to use Quicken or MS Money! PocketMoney is all I need!" - Brian Greer

"PocketMoney is, as always, the best. Once again I have been sucked into buying PocketQuicken only to find that it just is not a usable product. This time around, for the Palm, there have been many other new comers offering solutions that are as half baked an inconsistent as PocketQuicken, or worse....Enclosed is my check for $30 (forget about the cross platform upgrade, I need this program so badly it is worth the full price)." - Richard Ohaus

"Loved the program so much, I registered it. I checked out quite a few financial programs before finding yours. I liked the simplicity of the interface the most. All other programs seemed to require a degree in accounting to fully decipher the info and interface." - Edwin Khang

"I went through your same dilema the last couple of weeks and ended up with an amazing piece of software called PocketMoney...this software is by far the best for intuitive GUI and easy-to-use features. I love it! (and believe me... I've tried MANY others!)" - Sam Lowrey

"First of all I would like to thank you for writing such a useful program. It is one of the few programs for the Palm Pilot worthy of $30 registration fee. I also want to thank you for making Pocket Money easy and intuitive to use, which isn't so easy, having tried others on the market." - Philip Grayson

"I love PocketMoney! This is the first piece of shareware I have ever registered and it is because your application does absolutely everything I need. I have replaced three paper ledger books with your software. Keep up the good work!" - Joel DeYoung

(last modified : January 24, 2008)