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PocketMoney¨ version 2.1.6

The premiere Newton shareware personal financial package balances your accounts. Keep your checking, savings, loan, and credit card accounts balanced with PocketMoney.

PocketMoney¨ 3.0 is available for Newton OS 2.x users.
If you are having problems accessing the SHOW popup then install the new version.


New in 2.1.6



Purchase PocketMoney online for faster service, and I will email you the registration code.

Download Package

You will need to download WildCat separately if you wish to uploaddata from your desktop.

Directions: Pick the language, pick the Newton operating system you have, pick the platform.

Desktop connectivity, PocketQuicken Conversion, and Electronic manual

You still don't know why you should be using PocketMoney instead of PocketQuicken

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(last modified : Jan 1, 1999)