PocketMoney PocketMoney Review by James C. Flores

PocketMoney learns to play the piano

by Eric Machan Howd

Perhaps when you hear of my creative way of using Pocket Money you'll be tempted to give me a break or even (grin) waive the sharware cost of Pocket Money. I am a piano instructor and for the longest time I've been looking for a program to track the payments and lesson that my student attend, etc. I've written spread sheets using Quick Figure, I've tried list programs, I've tried many things and then -- POCKET MONEY. WIth POCKET MONEY I've set up a sep. account for each of my students and when they make a payment I make a deposit into their account and when they attend a lesson I use the POCKET MONEY button to make a withdraw from their account for the lesson rate. (I make sure to make the withdraw during their lesson time so that the withdraw shows up in POCKET MONEY on the exact date and time of their lesson) I really want to register because you've made the program for my business.

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(last modified : May 2, 1996)