Managing Small Apartment Complexes with PocketMoney

Managing Small Apartment Complexes with PocketMoney

The little Newton packs a lot of power and PocketMoney exploits this power for David.

David manages a fifty unit apartment complex with about 90 tenants.

David telephoned me last year about the possibility of use PocketMoney in conjunction with Leverage to handle run the apartment complex. After listening to what he needed I decided he could do everything he needed with just PocketMoney.

David is using PocketMoney to track:

As a result of using PocketMoney to manage his business. He now claims to have a complete up to the minute grasp on the apartment complex finances -- something which he never had over the last 10 years. His accountant is happier because David uploads the PocketMoney data to the desktop to customize the reports to his accountant specifications. This means his accountant is getting reports on time which are detailed.

Here are the flowcharts I created for David to help start using PocketMoney to manage things for him. We also had a lot of email/phone conversations which tuned some points, but these charts give a basic understanding of how to start.

Creating a New Tenant

Entering Rent Payments

Entering Expenses

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